The ultimate nightmare for any parent is having ACS remove the child from the home. This can have devastating effects on the entire family. ACS removes about 34 children a day in New York City. If ACS has targeted your familyt, call us at 917-519-8417. You, as a family have important rights in court that must be asserted by an experienced lawyer.

We will come to court with you on an emergency basis and fight to get your child back. ACS must prove that your child faces imminent risk. We will have a hearing and fight them at every step. We can also have the court place the child with a family member instead of the New York City foster care system. That system is severely dysfunctional and abusive towards children. Many foster parents only accept kids because ACS pays them approximately $700.00 a month per child. This can be very lucrative for foster care agencies.

If ACS has threatened to remove your child, call us at 917-519-8417 and let us fight for your family.